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Borewell Drilling

Borewell Drilling

We, Prem Borewell are known to offer the best borewell drilling contractors in Chennai, in terms of technology as well as quick, timely and affordable services to all the domestic and industrial clients. We are chosen by all as we are experts in offering borehole drilling a recent technology in which the shaft is placed into the drilled hole as per requirement.


Borewell drilling work is not an easy job and has a lot of intricacies to be dealt with. While working at the cost of the borewell, the various techniques and components used in the construction have to be properly calculated. Pricing is a delicate balance, and it is generally calculated on average expenses.


Though a borewell drilling involves different set of parameters to be considered together some of the most important ones are listed below.

  • The type of ground surface
  • The depth of the waterhole
  • The intended application of the borewell
  • Combination of supplies, machines and manpower
  • Actual Drilling equipment
  • Labour cost
  • Raw material cost
  • Surprise contingencies during drilling

The primary factor involved in drilling pricing is the geological topography of the location where the drilling is to be done. We, Prem Borewell, have a competent technical team that is able to do an in-depth geological location study as to whether the ground surface is of sand, clay, or rock formation. An estimated project cost is provided after this study to build a durable and long-lasting borewell.

Besides the land topography, another important factor to be considered is the water depth to be drilled, which varies in each project as per location. Water is not located at a uniform depth. Water tables, groundwater reservoirs, and aquifers play a major role, and these are located at different depths, some very deep and some at shallow levels. A qualified and technically competent geologist can only do justice, as he is well equipped to check and advise on the perfect cost for any borewell drilling in any given location.

General FAQs on Borewell Drilling in Chennai

We have tried to simplify the entire borewell drilling operations through a series of common question and answer session in the FAQ’s. Please feel free to contact us for any other clarification or guidance required.

How much does a contractor charge on an average for drilling borewells?

Drilling charges for a borewell is not uniform. It is charged per feet depending on various other factors like – Borehole drilling cost, pipe cost of casting, pipe installation charges, cleaning and flushing charges post drilling work, logistics cost for borewell machine transportation to site of borewell drilling.

How is the cost of drilling a borewell estimated by the borewell drilling companies?

The depth of the water well, tube well, or any other drilling requirement is the main parameter used to determine the cost of borewell drilling by the companies. No two borewells are alike, so the cost also differs.

In metro cities like Chennai, what is the cost of digging a borewell?

The average cost can work out to anywhere between 10 thousands to 50 thousands, which is determined mainly by the depth of the drilling required to reach the water subsurface, including the borewell pipes and accessory installations.

How is the cost of a drilling a borewell calculated?

Calculating the cost of borewell drilling is a very intricate process, taking various factors into consideration and that too as a combination.

  • Drilling Depth – Deeper the hole to be dug the higher is the fees, which is priced per foot.
  • Casing Pipes – Based on the different types and sizes of casing pipes being used, the costing varies, which is part of the overall costing.
  • Installation charges – This costing is arrived at taking into consideration the cost of labour involved, borewell caps, collars, outside pipes, equipment in casing pipes.
  • Other services – Additional hidden overhead costs which shall add to the overall final costing shall be the flushing, cleaning and water analysis undertaken by expert hydrogeologists or geologists.
  • Logistics expenses – Transportation and logistics is the key to any project’s successful execution. These costs involve transporting the heavy equipment of drilling with the labour to and fro from office to customers site and back.
  • Soil conditions – The nature of the soil where drilling has to be undertaken, adds to the costing, as investigative studies have to be done for its geological conditions which decides the type of drilling to be adopted for successful project completion.
How to get more additional about borewll drilling prevalent in Chennai?

For this feel free to contact us any time on our contact number and our efficient team is ever-ready to help you to clear all your doubts and extend timely help with right knowledge and guidance too.

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