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Borewell Cleaning

Borewell Cleaning

Borewell Cleaning services in Chennai

Is your borewell not supplying as much water as it used to? Is your pump failing to keep water pressure? It may be time for a professional borewell cleaning. At Prem borewell, we provide comprehensive and effective borewell cleaning services in Chennai and the nearby areas.

Here are some of the compulsory variables to be meticulously examined at every stage of the research procedure can be enumerated as below:

Physical Examination:

  • Check for residue or particles.
  • Water clarity and color analysis.
  • Testing for unusual smells or odors of the water.

Chemical tests:

  • pH levels to be tested for acidity or alkalinity.
  • Measure dissolved mineral content (e.g. calcium, magnesium).
  • Analysis of chemical pollutants or contaminants.

Bacterial testing:

  • Testing for the presence of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses.
  • Identification of specific harmful pathogens (e.g. E. coli, coliform bacteria).

Our Services

Jetting Services:

Our high-pressure jetting services can clear silt, sand, and other debris from your borewell, restoring its efficiency.

Mechanical Cleaning:

Using specialised instruments, we can physically remove obstacles and silt accumulation in your borewell, guaranteeing a free flow of water.

Chemical Treatment:

If your borewell has mineral deposits or bacterial development, our safe and effective chemical treatments can help restore water quality and flow.

Inspection and Maintenance:

We provide regular inspection and maintenance services to avoid future clogs and extend the life of your borewell.

Do not allow a blocked borewell affect your water supply. Call Prem borewell immediately for excellent borewell cleaning services in Chennai. Prem borewell is here to help you with all of your borewell cleaning requirements.

Borewell Cleaning

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